TECHNIP Gävle: Biomass Drying for Improved Gasification Process

by | Nov 21, 2023


At TECHNIP’s Gävle, Sweden facility, the main challenge in their biomass gasification process was efficiently managing the removal of moisture under varying conditions. The facility needed to adapt to the fluctuating heat supply, which changed almost hourly due to the dynamics of the upstream gasification process. The focus was on maximizing the overall evaporation ratio, especially considering the fast-changing ambient conditions and varying properties of the product. An additional critical factor was optimizing the cooling of the gasification cycle. This involved using a dryer in parallel to maintain the highest and most stable production levels for the gasifiers, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the gasification process.

STELA Solution:

To overcome these challenges, TECHNIP adopted a sophisticated system incorporating both recirculation and single pass methods within a dynamic “spinning” BTU system. This innovative approach, designed to create an effective rotational movement of heat and air, allows for adaptability to the variable heat supply. At the same time, it maintains the necessary drying efficiency for the biomass, ensuring optimal performance in varying conditions.


The implementation of this advanced drying solution enabled the successful drying of sawdust and milled chips from 55% moisture content down to a minimum of 3%mc. The system demonstrated a stable heat consumption ranging from 18.1 MMBtu to 21.5 MMBTU (6.3 MW to 5.3 MW) in temperatures varying from -22°F to 77°F (-30°C to +25°C), while producing more than 5.5 st (5.0 mt) of dry output. This represented a significant improvement in both the efficiency and stability of the gasification process at the TECHNIP facility.


TECHNIP’s Gävle facility showcased an innovative approach to biomass drying for gasification, tackling the complexities of fluctuating heat supply and the need for homogenous drying. By integrating a versatile drying system, they not only optimized the gasification process but also set a new standard for efficiency and reliability in biomass processing.

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