The future of drying is low temperature.

And the future of low-temperature drying is STELA.

Low-temperature drying now available in North America.

Breaking ground for improved dryer technology? So are we.

Future proof greenfield projects with state-of-the-art, low-temperature belt drying.

Experience the evolution of drying with STELA.

As the global leader in low-temperature belt drying, STELA Drying Technology is setting the standard for the future of industrial drying. With a century of experience and a specialized team of 250 dedicated experts, we deliver eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective solutions.


No company has built more low-temperature belt dryers than STELA


Drying timber in drums at more than 500°F…Why?


Innovation in Biomass: Utilizing waste heat for efficient pellet drying

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Our 300°F difference is making engineers do a 180 on low temperature dryers


Going Green by Drying Clean: Minimize your carbon footprint with low-emission solutions


STELA Drying Technology’s Atlanta office serves growing U.S. demand for innovative low-temperature belt drying

We’re thrilled to bring our global expertise closer to you with the addition of our Atlanta, GA office. This strategic move enhances our ability to meet the burgeoning U.S. demand for energy-efficient and sustainable drying solutions, particularly in vital sectors such as wood processing, renewable fuels, biomass and pellet production, pulp and paper, and recycling and wastewater treatment.

It’s more than what we build. It’s how we build it.

We believe in the integrity of creation from start to finish. Each of our low-temperature belt dryers is built from scratch in our own factory. Beginning with sheet metal and culminating in a finished, cutting-edge dryer, our team of experts oversees every intricate detail. This hands-on approach ensures unparalleled quality and precision making even the toughest engineer smile.

Worldwide Installations

Efficiency Meets Innovation: Discover STELA’s low-temperature drying solutions

As the industry leader for low-temperature belt drying, STELA offers a smarter way to dry. With over 450 installations worldwide, we deliver custom solutions that not only drive greater efficiency but also significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Ideal for manufacturers seeking environmentally friendly and cost-effective drying methods, our advanced technology delivers unparalleled performance across a broad range of applications.

Low Temperature Drying Specialists

Low-temperature drying expertise

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