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Welcome to the next generation of drying

Welcome to efficient, innovative low-temperature belt drying.

With over 450 installations worldwide, STELA stands at the forefront of drying technology. Our global presence is undeniable proof of the reliability, efficiency, and adaptability of our solutions.


As pioneers in low-temperature belt drying, STELA Drying Technology isn’t merely responding to industry shifts—we’re leading them. Our century-old legacy and a team perpetually committed to innovation ensure that with STELA, you’re not just getting a proven product; you’re embracing the future of drying.

Dryer Efficiency Level



HIGH: BTU RecuDry®

Belt Dryer Type BTL

Belt Dryer Type BT

Single Pass Belt Dryer

Efficiency Level: STANDARD

Capacity: MEDIUM to LARGE

Belt Dryer Type BTU

Recirculating Belt Dryer

Efficiency Level: MEDIUM

Capacity: MEDIUM to LARGE

Belt Dryer Type BTU RecuDry®

Recirculating w/ Heat Recovery

Efficiency Level: HIGH

Capacity: MEDIUM to LARGE

Belt Dryer Type BTL, BTLU, BTLU RecuDry®

Smaller Capacity Belt Dryer

Efficiency Level: ALL

Capacity: SMALL to MEDIUM

Need Assistance Choosing the Right Drying Solution?

If you have questions about our belt drying systems or need guidance in finding the best fit for your requirements, our team is here to help. We’re ready to assist and ensure you make an informed decision.

STELA Dryers in Action: Explore Case Studies

Discover the impact of our low-temperature drying technology through our case studies. Learn how businesses are achieving remarkable results. Dive in now and explore the power of smart, sustainable drying.

Dryer Selection Guide

Material Handling: Specific materials require careful handling, demanding appropriate settings for intake, distribution, and outtake.

Target Evaporation Rate: Tailored to each project, our dryers adapt to the moisture gradient, dictating the air volume needed for evaporation. This customization allows for optimal dryer surface sizing and accommodates specific material drying speeds, volumetric throughput, and project-specific evaporation capacities.

Desired Moisture Level: Maintaining consistent, uniform moisture content is essential for achieving optimal drying quality.

Heat Source: The choice of belt dryer technology is influenced by the available heat source at your facility (such as waste heat, steam, or thermic oils), aligning with its capabilities and ensuring the lowest cost of operation (OPEX).

STELA Belt Dryers: Flexible and Efficient

Heating Source Adaptability

Our dryers are versatile, handling thermal oil, saturated steam, and waste heat from CHP and ORC. This flexibility boosts your energy efficiency by leveraging the heat you already produce.


Compatible Heat Sources

Boilers running on gas, renewable, or fossil fuels can all power STELA Belt Dryers. The dryers are engineered to integrate with your energy supply, effectively using available resources.


Heat Medium Versatility

Efficient with various heat mediums, our dryers are optimized for water, thermal oil, and saturated steam. They provide consistent, uniform heating, essential for quality drying.


Optimized Energy Use

STELA Belt Dryers enhance drying efficiency and reduce energy consumption, seamlessly integrating with existing energy systems through a combination of low and high-temperature heating cycles.

The Stela Low Temperature Belt Dryer: A Three-Tiered Approach

Our belt dryers are meticulously structured, operating seamlessly across three distinct levels:

Upper Level – Heating Section: At this level, our focus is on the preparation and conditioning of the ambient air, ensuring it’s adequately warmed up and tailored for the drying process.

Mid-Level – Drying Excellence: This is where the drying magic happens, with a systematic approach to material distribution and preparation for moisture extraction.

Lower Level – Airflow Release: As the drying process concludes, this level efficiently handles the moisture-laden exhaust, ensuring a clean and environmentally-friendly operation.

Airflow Configurations: Airflow Configurations: Our dryers are designed to support process belts with top-down airflow. These belts are segmented into zones along their length, allowing multiple drying zones to be ventilated sequentially using the same airstream. You can select between single-pass and recirculating air systems. Additionally, we offer the option to incorporate an exhaust air heat recovery system and condensation unit for improved efficiency.

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