STELA Belt Dryer Type BTU

Efficient Low-Temperature Drying

Belt Dryer Type BTU

Recirculating Belt Dryer

Ideal for businesses in the renewable fuels and wood processing industries seeking a balance between performance and energy efficiency.

Efficiency Level: MEDIUM

The Innovative STELA BTU Belt Dryer: Greater Efficiency

The STELA BTU Belt Dryer is engineered for efficiency and environmental responsibility. Its air recirculation capability boosts evaporation rates and significantly cuts exhaust air volume, emission mass flows, and thermal energy consumption. Designed with large access points, it ensures easy maintenance and cleaning.

Enclosed construction permits outdoor setup in conditions as cold as -40°F (-40°C). Double screws infeed system ensure optimum product distribution, while a product-turning device guarantees even moisture content and energy-efficient ventilation, complemented by top-down airflow for uniform drying.

Innovative Features of the Type BTU Belt Dryer

  • Reduced Emissions: The BTU Belt Dryer cuts the quantity of exhaust air, lowering emission mass flows and protecting the environment.
  • Energy Efficient: Experience a substantial decrease in thermal energy consumption, raising the bar for industry efficiency standards.
  • Easy Maintenance: Large access points make maintenance and cleaning straightforward, promoting uptime and productivity.
  • Cold Resilience: An enclosed, insulated build allows for operation in extreme cold, down to -40°F (-40°C ), making it a robust choice for any climate.
  • Uniform Drying: Double spreader screws ensure the optimal distribution of products, resulting in consistent and uniform drying.
  • Moisture Control: A 100% coverage radiation sensor at the dryer outlet continuously monitors moisture and automatically adjusts belt speed and retention time to guarantee consistent, homogeneous drying quality.
  • Consistent Ventilation: The top-down ventilation design guarantees a steady flow of drying air for the highest quality output.
  • Special Woven Belt Structure: A specially woven belt structure minimizes PM emissions, outperforming conventional gravimetric cyclone and bag house filter technologies.