STELA Belt Dryer Type BTL

Compact Efficiency

Belt Dryer Type BTL, BTLU, BTLU RecuDry®

Smaller Capacity Belt Dryer

With its compact design, the BTL provides a reliable and cost-effective drying solution at all efficiency standards

Efficiency Level: ALL

Compact Efficiency Unleashed: The STELA BTL Belt Dryer

Discover the STELA BTL series Belt Dryer. Engineered with direct-coupled, frequency-controlled multi-vent radial fans, Ensuring efficient air distribution throughout the system and homogenous drying results. This modular plant system, available in 2 meters (approx. 7ft) and 3 meters (approx. 10ft) belt widths, is tailored for easy expansion to meet growing production needs.

The BTL Belt Dryer boasts low heat and electricity consumption, a result of its perfectly coordinated components. Its compact footprint is ideal for operations with limited space but high expectations.

Features of the Type BTL Belt Dryer

  • Efficient Air Distribution: Utilizes direct-coupled and frequency-controlled multi-vent radial fans for superior air flow.
  • Scalable Modular System: Designed for effortless expansion to accommodate growing operational demands.
  • Energy Efficiency: Available in all efficiency levels with perfectly coordinated components for cost-effective operation.
  • Space-Saving Compact Design: Ideal for facilities with small capacity requirements.
  • Optimal Product Distribution: Features double screws feeding to ensure even distribution across the drying area.
  • Effective Top-Down Ventilation: Provides consistent and thorough drying throughout the material.
  • Versatile Belt Widths: Available in options of 2 meters (approx. 7ft) and 3 meters (approx. 10ft) to suit various capacity ranges