STELA Belt Dryer Type BTU RecuDry®

Recirculating with Heat Recovery

Belt Dryer Type BTU RecuDry®

Recirculating Belt Dryer w/ Heat Recovery

Best for those looking for a high-efficiency solution, like the biomass and pellet production sector, where maximizing energy efficiency is crucial.

Efficiency Level: HIGH

The STELA BTU RecuDry®: Superior Efficiency

Meet the STELA BTU RecuDry® Belt Dryer – the pinnacle of drying efficiency. With recirculating and heat recovery technology, it maximizes energy use, slashing costs by 35 – 55%. Designed for eco-conscious operations and easy retrofitting, the BTU RecuDry® upgrades your process without a full system overhaul, marking a significant step towards sustainable, high-efficiency drying.

Embrace the future of industrial drying with the STELA BTU RecuDry® Belt Dryer—where cutting-edge design meets unparalleled energy conservation.

RecuDry® Capabilities

  • Optimized Saturation: The Recu module of the BTU ensures optimal air saturation by recirculating and reheating, making the most of the energy-rich air.
  • Efficient Condensation: The condensation module predominantly uses latent energy to preheat incoming fresh air, greatly enhancing overall drying efficiency.
  • Energy Recovery: A significant amount of energy is reclaimed through an air-to-air heat exchanger, ensuring that the majority of the energy contributes to the drying process.
  • Substantial Savings: The innovative design achieves an energy saving of 35 – 55%, varying with the drying surface utilized.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Designed for low exhaust airflows and emissions, the system aligns with eco-conscious operational goals.
  • Retrofit Capable: Existing drying systems can seamlessly transition to the RecuDry® technology, enabling upgrades to high-efficiency drying without complete overhauls.